Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mortgage Settlement Is Not The Same As Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement

As you can now see, a Mortgage settlement is not the same as mortgage foreclosure settlement. There are great differences.

Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement
A simple mortgage settlement is where you get either your interest rate and/or your principal reduced by a government program. A mortgage foreclosure settlement is when you prove the bank's fraud in court and you settle for a reduced payment, reduced interest rate, and/or a principal reduction, because you think or your attorney has advised you to take what is offered to you by the bank. Your unknowledgeable attorney may not know that you can get your whole mortgage and note release that grants you your home or commercial property free and clear.

Why is there a difference in attorneys for a foreclosure settlement?
Is the regular mortgage settlement the same as a loan modification?
How can I get a true mortgage settlement whether I am in foreclosure or not?

The difference is that your attorney in a mortgage foreclosure settlement may not know the U.C.C or State laws; lacks the proper, factual evidence required; or does not know how or what to argue in front of the judge to obtain the release or cancellation of your mortgage contract and note. Also an attorney is an officer of the court, just like a judge is and both work for the banks' bankruptcy of the United States corporation. Their oaths of office proves this fact. The attorneys are afraid of the judges, because the judge can have the attorney disbarred from the State bar corporation and could no longer practice law. Also, no plaintiff's bank, investor, lender, or trustee attorney can admit evidence into the court once the foreclosure law suit has been filed within 15 days of the first hearing. He is either an attorney or a witness and CANNOT be both under court ruling. Under Article XI of the Constitution FOR the united States of America, the Attorneys are considered FOREIGN AGENTS under the FOREIGN AGENTS REGISTRATION ACT (FARA) and are SUBJECTS of the BAR ASSOCIATION Corporation.

Yes! The regular mortgage settlement is the same thing as a loan modification from a bank, your servicer, who does not have the proper or lawful authority to grant you a mod as in 99.9% of all government programs out there. Also the 49 States attorneys general made it so that they gave the banks a license to steal your home built right into the $29 million dollar settlement that was supposed to help us homeowners, but does not. This is why the government and others are suing the 5 major banks that you read about.

You can get a true mortgage settlement whether you are in foreclosure or not.
Even if you have been already foreclosed and the bank has stolen your property through wrongful foreclosure, by gathering proper evidence that proves the laws being broken and the fraud by the unethical and dirty banks. This should start with an administrative process to exhaust administrative remedies under the four corners of court pleading and the clean hands theory of law. Secondly, you should get a securitization audit that proves the intent of the banks to break the law through improper bank securitization and broken chains of title. A good fraud audit is also helpful, because the fraud audit states the specific State law that has been broken and the fraud that has been presented into the court by the dirty banks. Most home owners want to pay off your mortgage, but your mortgage has already been paid off several times without your knowledge. This evidence can prove this fact. You must use all the evidence that you can get, but make sure that the evidence is fact and will hold up in court and your attorney knows the law and is not afraid to argue your case in front of the judge.

As mentioned in this article, you should have the proper evidence and now there is a company that gives you the evidence you need to win against the banks to get your home or property mortgage and note free. This company has now helped more than 300 homeowners and commercial property owners and may can help you too.

This Mortgage lien release and removal company provides the proper, factual evidence with an expert witness, if needed, and fraud audit that proves bank fraud that helps home owners and commercial property owners in every State fight the bank to win, almost always resulting in a mortgage lien release and loan removal to stop foreclosure fast. To learn how we can help you win against the dirty foreclosing banks, Contact Us or Call 850-826-1662 for a FREE Mortgage Removal Consultation.

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