Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mortgage Education Procedures: Terminates Home Mortgage Lien Home Mortgage Process

1. Title Company or Closing Attorney hurriedly has you sign Promissory Note, Mortgage, Deed of Trust, etc. at closing without giving you time to read and understand what you are signing or initialing. [FRAUD]

Mortgage Education Procedure Terminates Home Mortgage Lien and the Home Mortgage Process for good!

The Dreaded: Home Mortgage Process EXPLAINED:

When you’ve experienced 2 or more of the first 22 steps of the home mortgage process below, your home mortgage is REMOVABLE by Home Mortgage Process – Fraud Uncovered  Due To Lending Mortgage FRAUD:

2. No Notary Present to witness signature and is notarized later after you leave. [FRAUD]

You get keys to your new house.

2-3 days later Lender closes the 2nd time.

5. At 2nd closing Lender Stamps an Allonge without legal disclosure, your knowledge, or your consent [FRAUD]

Allonge says “Pay to the deposit of, WITHOUT RECOURSE, to lender and is signed by Lender Agent.” [FRAUD]

7. NOTE changed Into a Check by Lender by the allonge stamp signature. Lender gets FREE MONEY from you in illegal, loan amount. [FRAUD]

8. You gave Lender a LOAN as per your signed NOTE unknowingly, without legal disclosure, or your consent when Lender signed the allonge on your NOTE. [FRAUD]

9. Copy of Note is created for Lender and Servicer future endeavors.

10. Note never recorded against State and Federal law. [FRAUD]

11. Lender deposits your new Bank/Lender check loan (NOTE).

Lender assets INCREASE by illegal NOTE amount. [FRAUD]

Lender never lends you Lender’s money or Lender’s depositors’money for loan. [FRAUD]

Lender creates money from thin air. [FRAUD]

Lender gives your loan to them back to you as a loan from Lender without disclosure, your consent, or your knowledge to avoid income taxes. [FRAUD]

You pay Principal Plus Interest on illegal loan. [FRAUD]

17. Lender gets 9 times your loan amount from U.S Treasury Department- Private Corporation.

18. Lender writes a check from your new strawman account to pay off old mortgage and owner. [FRAUD]

2 to 3 months later, Lender assigns your illegal mortgage loan to another bank/Lender/Investor group.

Assignment not recorded against Federal and State Law. [FRAUD]

21. New owner or Lender sets up security Trust and securities your illegal mortgage loan.

22. You pay new Bank Servicer illegal principal and interest on an illegal loan. [FRAUD]

23. 4 scenarios to pay off your illegal mortgage:
1. YOU Pay 30 years on your illegal mortgaged home, because you think the bank actually loaned you money. [Your Passive [FRAUD]

2. YOU Sell the house and lose money in interest payments
3. YOUR Home goes into foreclosure or short sale and YOU lose home and money [FRAUD]

4. YOU get illegal mortgage REMOVED & Own your Home FREE & CLEAR years earlier with help from Home Mortgage Process – Fraud Uncovered…

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Receive a Securitization Audit on your home that proves Lender/Bank Fraud by separating your promissory note from your mortgage/deed of trust as soon as the Lender sold your Mortgage/Deed of Trust and your promissory Note, PNote, that was endorced (Cashed) and the Lender/Bank got paid in full for your mortgage in case you are in foreclosure and the Servicer Bank wants to sue you or take your home illegally thru a fraudulent foreclosure for only $1,500.00.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Foreclosure Short Sale Home Owner Checklist

Below Is A Foreclosure – Short Sale Prospect analysis checklist to determin if the home owner is a short sale prospect or a foreclosure candidate.
1. Can the home be sold for enough to pay off what the Seller home owner owes on it before foreclosure?
2. Does the Seller home owner have the means to solve their situation on their own? Do they have money sitting in a bank account or equity in another property that they can use to catch up or pay off their mortgage(s) before a foreclosure or short sale occurs?
3. Does the Seller home owner insist on staying in the home (even when it’s pointed out they’ll have to move if the house is short saled or forecloses)?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this may not be a good Short Sale Prospect before foreclosure.
However, we may have another solution for you!
Give us a call at (850) 423-9728 and let’s talk. Otherwise, continue with your analysis checklist…
1. Is the Seller home owner cooperative, willing to move and walk away from the home?
2. Is any foreclosure sell more than 10 days away?
3. Is the home over-leveraged?
4. Does the home have more than one mortgage on it?
5. Is the home really ugly?
6. Is the home unconventional/obsolete?
7. Is the home a victim of its surroundings (i.e., located on a busy highway, next door to a cemetery, crime scene, prison, etc.)?
8. If the home is “pretty”, do you think the house would sell in 30 days or less if you dropped the listing price by 20% for a short sale?

GREEN LIGHT! If you answered yes to any of the above analysis checklist questions, this may be a good short sale prospect before foreclosure, thus, saving the home owner’s credit.
Gather the information on the Short Sale Prospect
Foreclosure Short Sale Prospect Home Owner Analysis Checklist Sheet with this analysis and let’s get this deal moving!

Not sure? Call us at (850) 423-9728 and we’ll help you figure it out!