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Mortgage Lenders Contract Fraud | Mortgage Foreclosure Process

Mortgage Lenders Contract Fraud

The foreclosure of a mortgage is a simple foreclosure process where a home owner fails to make a monthly mortgage payment to the bank and the banks takes the borrower's home or commercial property.

Both home and commercial property foreclosure process work basically the same way for a foreclosure of the mortgage. In many cases, the bank lender commits mortgage contract fraud.
  • You have underwater value and want a loan modification
  • You fail to make the mortgage payment due to financial situations
  • Bank gets paid by insurance company and IRS
  • Bank starts foreclosure of mortgage in a foreclosure process in court as plaintiff
  • You do nothing and let the bank take your property easily
  • You fight the bank foreclosure of mortgage and process in court:
  • A. Bank wins 99.9% of cases

    B. Home owner or commercial property owner wins free and clear mortgage 97% to 99% of foreclosure cases

    Being underwater in value means that your home or commercial property is worth less than what you owe on your mortgage. You ask the bank that you make your monthly payments to for a mortgage loan modification under the government program and the bank tells you that you have to miss a few payments to qualify for the modification. You don't pay your mortgage for one or two months and apply for the modification. While you are in the modification process the bank gives you a notice of default and starts a foreclosure. You don't know why the foreclosure process was started.

    You become ill, have an accident, lose your job, have a job transfer, or some other financial situations and setbacks and fail to make your mortgage payment. The banks sends you a collection notice as a debt collector under TILA. You cannot pay, so you miss another payment. The bank gives you a notice of default and starts a foreclosure process against you to take your home or commercial property.

    On the 91st day of you failing to pay the bank, the dirty bank collects the insurance money for the full amount of the loan from the mortgage insurance company that you have been paying since your mortgage and note closing upon purchase. The bank also collects 85% of the total amount of your note and mortgage loan from the IRS. The bank and all third parties have been paid in full for the loan.

    Then the bank gives you a notice of default and starts the foreclosure of mortgage in a foreclosure process against you in local court as the Plaintiff, the one being harmed, to take your home or commercial property.

    You do nothing and let the bank take your property easily while thinking, 'Let them have the damn home or property." and wait for God to help you keep your home or commercial property. You let the bank have your property and are evicted by the sheriff and lose your home and most of your possessions that you left in your home or property, because the sheriff only gives you up to 15 minutes to take what you can out of the dwelling and locks the doors for the bank to resell.

    You fight the bank foreclosure of mortgage and foreclosure process in court with two different outcomes.

    A. The bank wins 97% of cases, because you go into court, Pro Se, without an attorney, with your Federal laws and State statutes and feel confident that you are going to win your foreclosure, but you don't know the court rules. The judge does not listen to you, because the foreclosing attorney tells the judge that you are a deadbeat and want your home or commercial property for free and you are behind on payments and in default as per your mortgage contract that you signed. The judge, being an attorney card carrying member of the BARR corporation the same as the foreclosing attorney, listens to the attorney and allows the foreclosure of mortgage to be carried out and you lose your home or commercial property. OR...

    B. You, the home owner or commercial mortgage property owner are prepared with an attorney representing you and proper evidence, proof that the mortgage and note have been paid in full by you with a BOE or bonded promissory note, dishonored Notary admin process, and the best securitization audit, with expert proof of bank fraud and go in front of the judge. Your attorney argues your case and the judge finds that you prevail and win the case and signs the final order to dismiss the case with prejudice, release and remove your mortgage lien and give you your home or commercial property without any more payments, because the bank and all interested parties were paid in full many times. This happens in 97% to 99% of all foreclosure of mortgage cases in the United States with help from a little known consumer advocate company.

    This is the Foreclosure Process And Foreclosure of Mortgage That May Contain Bank Mortgage Contract Fraud. Are you going to fight to keep your home or property?

    All the expert evidence to win foreclosure of mortgage and foreclosure process mentioned above has been provided to over 200 home owners and commercial property owners that have won against the foreclosing banks by Day Global, LLC at the website of Visit today and fight the foreclosure banks and win your mortgage free and clear of any and all mortgage liens and stop your foreclosure.

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    Cancel Commercial Mortgage – 5 Secret Steps of the Bonded Promissory Note

    Cancel Commercial Lien Mortgage – The Bonded Promissory Note Under UCC and Other Federal Law

    The bonded promissory note pays your debts and creates debt for you under U.C.C. and other Federal Law.

    You already know that your mortgage promissory note and mortgage contract got you into debt when you purchased your home or commercial property, so we will concentrate on the secrets of the bonded promissory note to get you out of debt in the following article.

    Mortgage Promissory NoteThe secrets are:
    1. Knowing the bonded promissory note law is most important.
    2. Filing the complete U.C.C.1 information is the key
    3. Knowing your bond number is crucial
    4. Knowing who to make the bonded promissory note out to is very important
    5. Knowing the judicial side will get you home or commercial mortgage and note debt free
    All the products of the economic system are pre-paid by virtue of public policy Law (P.L 73-10), which no longer exists constitutionally, article 8 and 10, authorizing gold and silver money to "pay" at law with. You have the right to discharge any debt public or private since June, 1933. The bonded promissory note can be used to offset any debt. The IRS recognizes bonds as a form of payment. The instrument tendered to the bank and negotiated to the United States Treasury for settlement is an "Obligation of THE UNITED STATES, BANKRUPTCY" under Title 18 USC Sect.8, representing a "certificate of indebtedness... drawn upon an authorized officer of the United States", and in this case, the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.

    When you file a complete UCC1 financial statement consisting of about 24 pages, you are the Debtor as well as the Creditor of everything you now own or will own in the future. This UCC1 form is recorded with your Secretary Of State and is then public record. This gives you control of your value and property as the executor and administrator of your straw man corporate entity under the HJR 192 law. This is a very important step in the bonded promissory note debt relief process and should not be left out.

    The bond behind it started when you were born and birthed, as a ship at dock, under maritime law, then the State issued you an original certificate that is kept in your State Capitol, like a Bill of Lading, or ship's cargo, that has your bond number series on it in red either on the front of back. This is your bond number(s) with your State and Federal Government, along with your social Security Number, that gives your Straw Man in all capital letters, under Public Policy mandated by 73-10, HJR 192, where the government of the United States took away your gold/silver backing of the currency making it impossible to "pay" at law for anything that makes the bonded promissory note possible for paying your debts. The government seized the gold in 1933, and now must pay the bills for us according to public law HJR 192. It is your very inability to pay at law as a result of this executive order that gives you the ability/authority to demand that the items be treated as pre-paid using the bonded promissory note and/or Bill of Exchange which are considered money under UCC Article 2.

    You must make your bonded promissory note to the right person or entity. This depends if you are in mortgage foreclosure or current with your bills. Example: If you make it out to the foreclosing attorney in hopes that it will get to the bank, you just gave the attorney thousands of dollars and your mortgage will be foreclosed on, because the bank did not receive your paid in full tendered payment.

    You then must go to court on the judicial side to get your home or commercial mortgage and note debt free and acknowledged by the banks and the world. This is done through a quiet title law suit where you are the plaintiff and the party being harmed.

    All 5 steps are mandatory in order to use the bonded promissory note to pay all your debts. This should enable you to be debt free as under Public Policy 73-10, HJR 192, the straw man law of 1933.

    You cannot do one step above without doing all 5 steps or you may find that you are still a slave and this process may not work.

    There is only one place that you can find the information on all five steps in the same place. We have been helping homeowners get a free and clear home or commercial property with our mortgage foreclosure help since 2010 and we can help you too, and get your bonded promissory note and knowledge to be truly debt free.

    Day Global LLC. can help you get your property Mortgage FREE!
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    Homeowners Fight Back Against MERS Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud

    Homeowners Fight Back Against MERS Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud | Cancel My Mortgage

    MERS Mortgage Fraud

    MERS is essentially an effort at systematically evading taxes … and hiding information from homeowners in ways that enabled the Countrywides of the world to defraud investors and avoid legal consequences for same.

    The fraudulent registering of approximately 60 million MERS mortgages was only one facet of this fraud. There were millions upon millions of other acts of fraud connected with these mortgages.

    The fraud chain began with the "liars' loans" -- primarily instigated at the lenders' end -- where mortgage applicants were assured no one told the truth on these documents, and thus applicants were free to fill in whatever numbers the mortgage-broker told them would help to facilitate purchase.

    MERS: The Center of the Mortgage Scam
    A prominent economist said about the 2008 financial crisis:
    “At the root of the crisis we find the largest financial swindle in world history”, where “counterfeit” mortgages were “laundered” by the banks.
    The Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems – MERS – was one of the main ways the swindle was done, and the main way in which counterfeit mortgages were laundered by the banks.

    MERS is a shell company with no employees, owned by the giant banks.

    MERS threw out centuries of well-established law about how real estate is transferred – and cheated governments out of many tens or hundreds of billions of dollars in recording fees.

    For those of you wondering why so many localities are broke, here’s one small factor in the revenue drain. Counties typically charge a small fee for mortgage registration, roughly $30. But with MERS, … you don’t need to pay the fee every time there’s an ownership transfer. Multiply that by 67 million mortgages and you’re talking about billions in lost fees for local governments (some estimates place the total at about $200 billion).

    Outrageously, MERS actually marketed itself to its customers as a way to save money by avoiding the payment of legally-mandated registration fees. Check out this MERS brochure from 2007. It brags on the face page about its fee-avoiding qualities (“MINIMIZE RISK. SAVE MONEY. REDUCE PAPERWORK”) and inside the brochure, in addition to boasting about helping clients “Foreclose More Quickly,” it talks about how clients save money because MERS “eliminates the need to record assignments in the name of the Trustee.”

    All of this adds up to a system that enabled the mortgage industry to avoid keeping any kind of proper paperwork on its frantic, coke-fueled selling and re-selling of mortgage-backed securities during the bubble, and to help the both the Countrywide-style subprime merchants and the big banks like Goldman and Chase pull off the mass sales of crappy loans as AAA-rated securities.

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    What You Need to Know About Mortgage Promissory Note

    What is Mortgage Promissory Note

    What You Need to Know about Mortgage Promissory Note, Allonge, And Mortgage Foreclosure Help.

    Commercial Mortgage Promissory NoteA mortgage promissory note is a promise to pay. If you don’t pay, then your home or commercial property could go into foreclosure where the Lender, bank servicer, trustee, or investor can use questionable tactics to get your property. There is a mortgage that goes along with the note, a contract in real estate. The Bank Lender created both the note and mortgage for their benefit. You can use their own promissory note and mortgage contract against them to regain your home or property. Let’s talk about the note first.

    The note on the last page should have an allonge or allonges to prove a true sale(s) to a Trust, another bank, or investor each and every time the note with the mortgage is sold, assigned, or transferred. An allonge is an illegal alteration of an incomplete note. An allonge in blank, without the assignee signing it is illegal as per the Uniform Commercial Code, UCC, Federal code of laws that is controlling the world and the lender’s Pooling and Servicing Agreement that controls the Trust that your note and mortgage are supposed to be in.

    When the lender assigns, transfers, or sells the note and mortgage, they become securitized and are sold multiple times to investors or into a trust for multiple streams of income for the lender. Within 30 days of each assignment, transfer, or sell, the assignment of true sale must be recorded under States’ statute. The dates of the allonge endorsement(s) and the notarized assignment(s) must match to prove true sales before a foreclosure can legally occur.

    In addition to other disclosures required by TILA, 15 U.S.C. §1641(f)(2), Liability of assignees, not later than 30 days after the date on which a mortgage loan, including mortgage and note, is sold or otherwise transferred or assigned to a third party, the creditor that is the new owner or assignee of the debt shall notify the borrower in writing of such transfer, including-

    (A) the identity, address, telephone number of the new creditor;

    (B) the date of transfer;

    (C) how to reach an agent or party having authority to act on behalf of the new creditor;

    (D) the location of the place where transfer of ownership of the debt is recorded; and

    (E) any other relevant information regarding the new creditor.

    This requirement of law is quite useful in a case when you have authoritative documentation that there are other holders of the note that are not the same as the party who claims the right in a mortgage foreclosure action.

    It can be the catalyst to force the court to make the foreclosure attorney to produce the note titled to them and other evidences of ownership of the loan since it is a violation of Federal and State law not to. True mortgage fraud evidence becomes a very useful plank in your quiet title law suit to oppose and stop foreclosure.

    In most foreclosure cases, the judge does not know the law governing the real estate mortgage and note under the Uniformed Commercial Code of Federal Laws, UCC, Articles 3, 8, and 9. Otherwise, the judge would know that bank securitization is unlawful and illegal and the homeowner would win against the banks every time. We surveyed 10 judges in the State of Florida in 10 different counties and only one judge knew what bank mortgage securitization actually is and how it affected mortgage foreclosure cases.

    The mortgage is created to perfect the note. There are no such words in Black’s Law dictionary as a security instrument. It is a made up terminology by the banking industry to take your money and property. The mortgage is the contract with many legal flaws. Nowhere does it say that the note and mortgage must be paid by the borrower.

    There is a website where you can learn more about the mortgage promissory note, allonge alterations, and mortgage foreclosure, and take control of your financial future. This web site can help you with the proper legal evidence and special procedure to get your mortgage lien released for a free and clear home or commercial property due to the lender’s non-disclosure and questionable practices.

    Don’t Wait! Confront the bank in court as the plaintiff in control, the one being harmed, and have a 99% chance of winning! Find the answers and solution to your mortgage problems now by David Young, mortgage securitization foreclosure expert, at

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    Need Mortgage Help? Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure Today! STOP FORECLOSURE NOW!

    Stop Mortgage - Cancel Mortgage Foreclosure Testimony

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    Stop Mortgage Foreclosure Today! - Cancel Mortgage Advice

    Mortgage Foreclosure Help – Five Ways To Avoid Foreclosure on a Commercial Mortgage

    Get your mortgage lien released, stop foreclosure, and solve your credit problems at the same time!

    Commercial Lien Mortgage Removal
    In today’s economy, more and more Commercial property owners are falling behind on their mortgage payments and most are under water in property value. Stopping Foreclosure is a very big problem and most of the time, it is not the Property Owner’s fault due to loss of jobs, decrease in pay, job transfer, illness, and a host of other reasons, including mortgage foreclosure through questionable bank securitization foreclosure tactics, that are crippling the American real estate financial status. The banks with questionable, if not illegal, securitization allows them to literally steal your commercial property through foreclosure. There are only five ways to avoid or stop foreclosure on your commercial property. These are:
    1. Don’t get behind on your mortgage payments
    2. Pay your mortgage off
    3. Refinance
    4. Sell your property if you have equity in it
    5. Get your mortgage lien released to stop foreclosure with foreclosure help
    The bank servicer tells you that you must be behind on your mortgage payments in order to get a loan modification which eventually leads to foreclosure. You could pay off your mortgage, if you have the cash money to do so. Most people do not have the cash growing on their tree outside the back door. You could refinance if you have equity and not have an underwater valued property where you own more than your property is worth. The fourth way is to sell your property yourself or with a realtor, if you have the equity. The final way, if you do not have a lot of money or equity is to get your mortgage lien released, stop foreclosure, and solve your credit problems at the same time the moment the judge signs your final mortgage lien release order in a quiet title law suit with our foreclosure help.
    There are State and Federal laws in place that can help you… if you only knew about these laws. Some commercial property owners do know and about 98% do not know about these laws. This is why these 3% always get their commercial property mortgage lien free by using these little known laws, with our foreclosure help, and use the lenders’ own mortgage contract against the dirty banks. The reason these people knew the mortgage and securitization laws is, because they did the long hours, days, and weeks, if not months, researching mortgage lien removal laws to present to the judges around the country or they received help from Day Global LLC.
    There is an internet site that has all these laws together and have helped hundreds of commercial property owners get their mortgage liens released to stop foreclosure fast, usually within 6 months with a minimal cost. This system has worked about 97% to 99% of the time when the commercial property owner followed the three phases of mortgage lien release and removal in this easy to understand foreclosure help system.
    It is up to you to learn these laws if you want to save your property from mortgage foreclosure.
    The mortgage lien release foreclosure help to stop foreclosure process has helped over 2 hundred homeowners and commercial property owners get their mortgages liens removed with a free and clear property. This three phase foreclosure help was used to stop foreclosure on their properties within 6 months. This legal three phase process can help you too. Just go to Now and read the whole website and you will gain a tremendous amount of mortgage lien, securitization, foreclosure help and stop foreclosure laws that will help you get your mortgage lien released and removed.

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    Bank of America - Bank Fraud Mortgage Foreclosure

    Stop Bank Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud

    We are the ONLY SOLUTION
    to your Mortgage and Foreclosure problems! We are not a “Band-aid” company!
    We don’t just postpone your foreclosure….


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    Mortgage Refinance – things preventing you to get refinance

    Meeting a lender's qualifying credit score for a Mortgage Refinance, which in many cases will be higher than what you'd need for a purchase loan.

    Mortgage Refinance
    Mortgage rates are beginning to creep up, but they're still well within the kind of range that makes longtime homeowners shake their heads in disbelief. The average interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage hit 3.63 percent for the week of March 10, marking the highest point since last summer. So while a seller's market may be taking shape, it's still a great time to shop for a mortgage, especially a refinance. That's why it's so frustrating for homeowners who can't get on the bus. So what's keeping you from getting a refinance loan right now? Here's a look at five of the most common culprits:

    So-So Credit

    Same as it ever was when it comes to mortgage lending -- you're going to need to meet a lender's qualifying credit score for a refinance, which in many cases will be higher than what you'd need for a purchase loan. For conventional refinancing, you're likely looking for at least a 740 score to really capitalize on current rates. The bar won't be quite so high if you're going after a government-backed option like an FHA or VA loan. Make no mistake: A loan program may not have a credit score requirement, but the lenders who actually issue loans certainly will. Right now, for example, VA lenders are generally looking for at least a 620 score. But you'll more than likely need at least a 640 to start the refinance conversation.

    Your Home Is Underwater

    Values are starting to rebound in some parts of the country, but a lower-than-anticipated appraisal remains a common refi-killer. Consumers who owe more than their home is worth know this all too well. Pursuing a traditional refinance is all but impossible for underwater homeowners -- and that explains why the government's special refinance program for distressed borrowers is absolutely booming. Refinances through the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) topped 1 million in 2012, more than double the year prior. The HARP program helps underwater homeowners with Fannie Mae- and Freddie Mac-backed loans. It's possible for some lenders to process refinance applications without an appraisal (the VA's Streamline program is one example). But today that's a rare exception.

    Not Enough Income

    All indications are the economy is on the upswing. While that's good news for the nation, continued recovery doesn't suddenly put more money in your pocket. Many homeowners lost jobs or took pay cuts in the wake of the economic crisis. One missed mortgage payment can stymie a refinance application. Lenders will typically want to see 12 consecutive months of on-time payments. Diminished income can also make it tough to actually pay for the refinance, which like any mortgage loan comes with costs and fees. Self-employed homeowners will need at least 2 years of tax returns.

    You Bought Big

    Jumbo loans can present a unique set of refinance difficulties. These non-conforming loans typically require sterling credit and significant skin in the game to acquire. It can be especially tough when your $625,000 home has lost a third of its value. Jumbo homeowners may have to come to the closing table with cash in order to secure that lower rate.

    Mortgage Insurance

    Paying mortgage insurance can complicate your ability to secure a refinance. That's especially true for lender-paid mortgage insurance. Either form presents problems for the federal HARP program as well, although some lenders have loosened restrictions a bit in the last two years. If this is currently an obstacle, keep searching for a lender that will work with you.

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    Mortgage Lenders Secret on Home Foreclosure - Mortgage Help

    Find out the Mortgage Lenders Secret - Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud

    David Young, The Mortgage Lien Remover, is a consumer advocate that focuses on teaching you how to get a mortgage lien released. Want more Bank Security Fraud Securitization and Illegal Mortgage Foreclosure information? There is a website that helps Homeowners and Commercial Property Owners to get this done, so you may be able to have a free and clear property no matter if you are facing foreclosure, underwater in the value of your property, or just have a residential or commercial mortgaged property and find the answers and solution to your mortgage problems at now.

    Bank Mortgage Fraud Foreclosure - Cancel Your Mortgage Today

    Fight Foreclosure Against Bank Mortgage Fraud

    Fight the Bank Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud - We are a Mortgage, Note, Loan Securitization, and Foreclosure Education company and we can and do offer educational and legal mortgage, securitization, foreclosure defense, and mortgage loan information and attorney drawn letters and forms that work to get
    you a Satisfaction of Mortgage with a Corrective Warranty Deed to your property in less than 90 days.

    Bank Of America Mortgage Mess Foreclosure Fraud

    Bank Of America Mortgage Mess to a Foreclosure Bank Fraud - SAY NO TO MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE -- KEEP YOUR HOME DEBT FREE!!! STOP MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE! Having Problem with your Mortgage? Contact us today for a FREE no obligation consultation to see if you qualify.

    Ocwen Mortgage

    Ocwen Loan Servicing Mortgage Mess

    OCWEN Mortgage Loan ServicesOCWEN Mortgage Mess a Company with ‘F’ rating on BBB Business Review!

    Hundreds of similar complaints against Ocwen Loan Servicing, the Better Business Bureau issued a warning about the company.

    PITTSBURGH — A local man is facing a mortgage mess. He paid cold hard cash for his house, but the lending company is still foreclosing. So he called Target 11′s Robin Taylor for help.

    “I bought this house. Legally, it’s all registered in the prothonotary’s office. The money is there and I’m still getting foreclosed
    on,” said Noel Norris of Leechburg, Pa.
    I did some digging and discovered hundreds of similar complaints against Ocwen Loan Servicing. Last fall, the Better Business Bureau
    issued a warning about the company.

    Homeowners say they’ve made their mortgage payments, but the company is foreclosing anyway. It’s been a real nightmare for Norris.
    His mother owned the house he grew up in. She fell behind on her mortgage payments, so Noel decided to buy the home.
    Noel closed on the property Oct. 5, 2012. Ten days later, Ocwen Loan Servicing sent his money back along with a foreclosure notice.

    “You buy the house. You send them the money for the house and they send it back to you?” I asked.
    “The money was wire transferred to their account, guaranteed funds. It’s in there. My attorney did that. They turned around and sent me
    a check back,” said Norris.

    The payoff quote was $74,000, but Ocwen is charging interest and penalties as if the money was never paid.
    “It’s kind of like if I go out and buy a car and then the car dealership comes to take the car back off me and they keep my money. I
    really don’t see how that’s not considered theft,” said Norris.

    The Better Business Bureau has a problem with Ocwen as well. The company has an F rating, with more than 1,600 complaints.
    Most have to do with excessive fees and penalties.

    “They work in the sub-prime mortgage industry. They’re going to get complaints. Our concern, and your concern as a customer, is that
    they respond and take care of their customers,” said Warren King, president of the Western Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau.
    Ocwen is also being sued for allegedly violating consumer protection laws. I talked to a lawyer involved in one of those class action lawsuits on Skype.

    “Are they having problems where they’re making payments and their payments are not being credited?” I asked. “Yes, that’s a frequent
    complaint I’ve received,” said Eric Lechtizin, an attorney with Berter & Montague in Philadelphia.
    Lechtzin says his clients are offered mortgage modifications that he calls unfair and deceptive.
    “Virtually all of them have at least been threatened with foreclosure,” said Lechtzin.

    For Noel, it’s been frustrating, but a settlement has finally been reached, allowing him to stay in his home. He told me he couldn’t
    afford to fight Ocwen any longer.

    “The legal system’s not free. It might not be perfect, but it’s not free, for sure,” said Norris.

    I reached out to Ocwen for their side of the story. The director of communications sent this statement:
    “Ocwen is committed to preserving home ownership whenever possible. In this particular case, Ocwen worked directly with the customer to
    reach an agreeable resolution, which will allow them to remain in their home,” Susan Fitzpatrick, Ocwen Financial Corporation.

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    Mortgage Removal Testimonials - Cancel Mortgage Foreclosure

    Cancel Mortgage by Homeowners Testimonials

    This is a program that works

    Mar 05, 2013 by Jeff Fitzpatrick
    This is a program that works. Plain and simple. This is not a scam, hoax, or con artist web site. Mr. Young has put together a program that will remove the lien(s) from your home. All you have to do is read the manual, understand the process, and fill out and file the forms provided in the package. The process takes about 90 days to complete. Most of that is waiting time for filed documents to be responded to by your lender(s). This is a step by step program that is easy to implement. You will find no other program like it on the market that is within the law. I was a little skeptical at first. Then, as time went on and my lender would not respond to our inquiries I began to realize this was for real. Mr. Young is a pleasure to work with and he knows this process inside out. It worked for me and it will work for you. No gimmicks, no tricks or insider know how. This is a rock solid program that works every time. Don't let these crooks take your home. Fight back and get it free and clear. Just follow the step by step process and your home will be free and clear of all liens.Even if you are in foreclosure this program will save your home. Do not waste anymore valuable time. Get started now !

    I got my mortgage title to my home free and clear and so can you!

    Mar 05, 2013 by Jason & Lesley Combs
    I paid less than $2000.00 and I received a Satisfaction of Mortgage (Pink Slip Title To My Home) from my mortgage lender to get my $359,846.67 mortgage principal Paid-In-Full in only 73 days with no more mortgage payment, by doing it myself and it was worth every penny. This was not counting the 6.85% interest rate we were paying to our bank mortgage lender. It was easy for our eight year old daughter to complete our mortgage free paperwork for us and she did not make any mistakes to Cancel A Mortgage, STOP our Foreclosure, and Keep our Home, and get my mortgage title to my home free and clear and so can you! This Cancel A Mortgage process really works and we recommend it to you.

    You can be very smart, like us, in no time by getting your property free and clear in less than 180 days. We turned around and sold it in 1 week for a $224,988 profit after the Realtor’s fee and closing costs and now we moved to a northern, cooler climate and paid cash for our new home. Jason & Lesley Combs, formally from Los Angeles, Ca.
    Contact Us Today for a FREE Consultation on Your Home Mortgage.

    Bank Mortgage Fraud Foreclosure - Cancel Your Mortgage Today

    Fight Mortgage Foreclosure Today - Save Your Home from the Banks Mortgage Fraud

    Visit for more information on How to Cancel Your Mortgage!

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    Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction New Proposal

    Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction New Proposal

    Mortgage Interest Tax DeductionThe bill would allow more homeowners to claim a mortgage-interest deduction on their federal income taxes.

    U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison has a game-changing tax fix that he think most Americans would happily get behind.

    Ellison, the Democrat who represents Minnesota's 5th Congressional District, just proposed a bill that would revise the federal tax code, radically changing the way America's mortgage-interest deduction works.

    Where you fall on the income scale will likely determine how you feel about Ellison's idea as proposed in The Common Sense Housing Investment Act.

    Mortgage Interest Deduction Math

    Right now, anyone with a home mortgage can write off the interest they pay on their federal income taxes. The calculation is simple: The amount you paid in interest for that year is subtracted from your income.

    This is a big deal for many taxpayers. One estimate from The Wall Street Journal puts total federal tax savings at $100 billion a year. It's also a big deal to real estate agents and banks, as the tax write-off can be a major selling point for homes and home loans.

    But to utilize the mortgage-interest deduction, you have to itemize your taxes, which not everyone can do. Enter Rep. Ellison and his Common Sense Housing Investment Act. His bill would open the mortgage-interest deduction to more taxpayers by changing how they claim it. Rather than taking whatever they paid in interest off their income, now homeowners would claim a standard 15 percent tax credit.

    Under the Common Sense Housing Investment Act, the number of Americans able to claim the mortgage-interest deduction would jump from the current 43 million to 60 million.

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    Everyone Wins! Well, Almost Everyone

    Perhaps the most interesting trick here is that the bill would allow more homeowners to claim a mortgage-interest deduction on their federal income taxes, but also allow more total tax revenue to be raised.

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